Setting The Scanning Contrast Setting Up Polling Sending Canceling An Incoming Fax Print Media Requirements Registering One-touch Speed Dialling

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Changing The Polling Box Settings What Is Automatic Redialling Dialing Through A Switchboard Setting The Telephone Line Type Accessing The Menu Deleting A Polling Box Selecting Print Media Polling Box Menu Cancelling Restriction Of Your Fax Transmission tx Reports Using One-touch Speed Dialing Confirming Transmission Status Receiving While Performing Other Tasks Energy Saver Mode Cleaning The Scanner Components Coded Speed Dial List Summary Of Reports And Lists Reception rx Report Receiving While Performing Other Tasks Receiving With An Answering Machine: Installing The Toner Cartridge Connecting A Telephone Canon h12425 One-touch Speed Dialling Cleaning The Fax’s Exterior Rx reception Report Canceling An Incoming Fax canon h12425 Dialing Long Distance Preparing To Send A Fax What Is Automatic Redialling?

Manual Sending Via The Handset Receiving A Fax Manually Loading Envelopes In The Cassette Important Safety Instructions Entering The Date And Time Connecting The Telephone Line Connecting The Power Cord Printer Settings Menu Connecting The Power Cord Setting The Scanning Contrast Print Media Requirements Problems With Canon h12425 Documents Don’t have an account? Tx canon h12425 Report Unpacking The Fax Setting Up The Polling Box Loading Recording Paper canon h12425 Documents You Can Copy Table of contents Safety Information Registering Group Dialling Setting Up Canon h12425 Sending Setting The Scanning Resolution Testing The Fax

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