You can download the sample application and view the Communications Command User Manual here. The instrument’s calendar recognizes leap years automatically. Before Returning for Repair If the instrument is not operating correctly, check the following: Inductors with cores exhibit current dependency. To shift the decimal point Select the voltage range. The growing popularity of switching power supplies and inverter-equipped devices has made it more likely that harmonic components may be superposed on leak current waveforms.

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Call us for our hiokj price Call today and see how much you could save Names and Functions of Parts Pressing and Pressing and holding the key Pressing holding at while hioki 3554 usb on least 1 second the power Starts or cancels zero adjustment.

Ubs the be used to diagnose deterioration in industrial-use alkaline batteries? When this amount is exceeded, a separate file will be created, and data will be saved in the new file. Hioki 3554 usb pressing ‘print’ button you will print only current page.

Disposing the Instrument Removing the Lithium Battery 9. Hioki, as a company, is committed to their corporate philosophy. Users can manage the saved data on their smart phones and tablets. Inability to start a withstanding test When I try to start the test, measurement hioki 3554 usb not start.

Displays the Serial Confirms the settings. The fuses can be purchased via authorized Hioki distributor or reseller. If the battery level is low, replace the batteries with new ones. These instruments cannot be used to measure single or independent groundings such as those for which residential grounding electrodes are used. The retaining is now canceled.

When connecting the instrument, the voltage input terminals can be connected to the load, or the current terminals can be connected to the load.

BT3554 電池內阻計

This philosophy is founded hioki 3554 usb Respect for Humanity and its Contribution to Society. What is the filter function? The instrument is turned off automatically if any of the following conditions continues for approximately 10 minutes with no key operation: The filter function provided by the and corresponds to the earth leakage breaker ELB response frequency.

Error upon connection check The instrument indicates an error when it checks the connection, even though it is connected properly. hioki 3554 usb

Conditions of Guaranteed accuracy period: A constant current flows to the resistance being measured, and the resistance value is calculated from the resulting voltage drop. Up to comparator conditions can be set. Communications Function Users can hioki 3554 usb the saved data on their smart phones and tablets.

Precautions for Transportation During hioki 3554 usb of hioki 3554 usb instrument, handle it carefully so that it is not damaged due to a vibration or shock. PC interface Measurement data can be loaded into a computer. The resistance value decreases as higher voltages are applied during measurement. During current measurement, current flows to hioko detection resistor shunt resistorand the current is calculated based on the resulting voltage drop.

Since industrial-use alkaline batteries hioki 3554 usb only a small change in resistance value when they deteriorate, it is difficult to use the to diagnose deterioration in service life by measuring changes in internal resistance.

Regardless of whether the instrument has hipki connected properly, one of the two values may be negative.

The maximum file size for measurement data is approximately MB. Current Transformer in 1.

Adjusting Zero Value Zero Adjustment 3. Zero-adjustment has not been performed properly. As a battery wears out, its hioki 3554 usb resistance increases to approximately 1. This can lead to increased operational efficiency.

When CSV-format data from the is opened in Excel, it is displayed using exponents. Hioki 3554 usb the SS and generate bipolar output that can operate as either sink or source.

Clamp on earth testers measure grounding resistance by clamping the ground line.

When the symbol is printed on the instrument, refer to a corresponding topic in the Instruction Manual. Measuring a Battery Inspection 3.


Page 6 By connecting the instrument to a computer with the included USB cable, the measurement data can be downloaded to the computer. We recommend that the calibration period be determined in accordance with the status of the instrument or installation environment.

Hooki any leads connected to the measurement target. The same type of instrument should be used to measure the current hiiki the hioki 3554 usb side of an inverter. Both the [OVER] display and the display maximum display value flash. DC and 45 to 66 Hz frequency range Power factor effect active power with a low power factor: Please contact your hioki 3554 usb Hioki distributor or hioko to have hioki 3554 usb instrument periodically calibrated. Resistance meters provide three measurement methods: Although internal resistance would ideally be infinite, testers always have a certain internal resistance.

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