Nothing worked but two AAA batteries to the motor finally did it.. However, my question is: I noticed that the error message has changed from C This genius guy fixed mine http: D Dave’s method to jumpstart the motor was the only thing that worked for me xtra thx:

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Sony Camcorder Repair | Sony Video Camera Repair

A clue may be in the vintage, recordings prior to year will be analogue, and later than that could be either. You know what worked?

So basically, they offer NO workable solution, take no notice of any observations made by their customer base, and simply sony dcr – trv350 getting the item “repaired” at an exhorbitant cost. Now the tape door latches, closes and slides into the body.

Sony Camcorder Repair

I couldn’t believe I had fixed it, but I did. Kimberley Sat, 12 Dec Lense that ur looking into – extend it back – see the silver screw – take it out This allows to take off the upper part of camcorder mine says x digital zoom Under it there are 2 more screws – take sony dcr – trv350 out. Close the door and if it doesn’t stick hold the door in and let the camera pull the cartridge compartment down. Ibbzy Mon, 01 Mar Wes Allen Sat, 26 Mar I simply took a cheap Euroshopper AAA battery and hooked it to some wires using electrical tape.

Had the tape closing and opening a couple of times with a battery attached to wires,then the dreaded error came back. Every time you try to insert a tape, it is rejected by the hc7.

I pushed up on the “latch” see Julie’s image and the tape will eject. The first thing I do with a tape is make sure that it cannot be recorded on, so protecting your important recordings. Sony dcr – trv350 seemed to work for me. It definitely moves slowly. My tape door mechanism started to fail, it kept giving me sony dcr – trv350 tape messages. Sony Camcorder Repair Service.

To hell with Sonyfrom a deceptive manual, to a faulty product, this was sojy last product I will purchase from that company! The carriage retracted and everything is good with the world again.

A company which makes this kind of junk and does not support its customers does not deserve customers. Jump starting the motor???

I have attached an image showing the parts and it might be a help to anyone. But now that I have a way to retract the carriage, I may mess around with this a bit more. I tried to wack it a few times too and nothing.

I first hit the bottom with the palm of my hand Saying re-attach power supply with doors opened. The tape sony dcr – trv350 out fine but then when I wanted to put it back sony dcr – trv350 it wouldn’t go and I got the C: I then spent about 20 skny turning it on and off, taking off battery and putting it back in, plugging in cord and taking it out and banging the bottom really hard in every different combination I could think of.

Went to Radio Shack this morn to pick up the parts and used a 1. I tried the battery trick which kind of worked. Chris Bridge Wed, 14 Oct Nothing worked but two AAA batteries to the trrv350 finally did it. This is my ex-fiance’s trg350 that I borrowed from her today. Sony dcr – trv350 had cases of customers coming to me after other video transfer companies were unable to handle LP recordings and international recordings, but sony dcr – trv350 The following day it was fixed and mailed back to me.

This goes against everything I ever thought. Next 3 hours dedicated to the problem. Oscar Fri, 27 Aug Thank you to Dave and Constantine!!!! On my last try, I had the battery and the power source out of the device and I banged the bottom of the camcorder very hard on a wooden stool that had a small thin cusion on it. Found this website and tried everything I could read. So I tryed the way from video and after it I closed and opened the tray about four times and it work. Just Download and Do a free scan for your computer now.

Mark Shaw Sun, 27 Dec Couldn’t get a tape out so followed the instructions elsewhere on this sony dcr – trv350 and successfully ejected the tape:. It didn’t work after lowering the tray several times and resetting.

Sony Camcorder Repair Models. This time though, I wouldn’t take out celebration in advance.

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I tried with battery and adaptor, but it and green led-lamps completely didn’t work! After a few goes the mechanism engaged and the door closed. For the hdr-hc3 the reset is on the outer tape door in sony dcr – trv350 middle. For those of you in Canada who are interested in sending a strongly worded email to Sony here is their email address for consumer product complaints. This son the only way it’ll close for me.

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